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Partner offers

Eligible women can receive up to $500 of Telstra bill assistance certificates to pay their Telstra bill.


Offer a $10 per month discount to applicants who receive funding from The Queens Fund.


Offer a 15% discount and free delivery on refurbished desktop computers or laptops to applicants who receive funding from The Queen’s Fund.



(where cheque is made out in the name of referring agency):

For audit purposes and to ensure that our funding is used for the purposes stated in the original application, could you please complete and return the following acquittal report by email or post as soon as the cheque is presented to your client.

Feedback Form

The Queen’s Fund relies on grants and donations from philanthropic trusts and foundations and individuals. Our supporters require us to demonstrate how their funding has made a difference. To assist us with this reporting, we would be grateful if you could complete our brief survey at





1. The amount of the grant seems to vary and I have noticed that some of my clients have not received the full $350.00. Why is this?

The Fund does not have the means to give every applicant $350 or give amounts greater than $350 to assist with large debts. The grants range from $20 to $350 and vary according to the availability of donated funds, the number of clients applying in the given month and the needs of the client. The average size of grants given in the 2015/16 financial year was $283. It is helpful if you can identify the need, the amount of the grant and payee details in your application.

2. Sometimes my clients receive a cheque for more than $350. Why is this?

In late 2014 we received a very generous donation from a private estate. The size of the donation allows us to give more than $350 to the women who meet the strict conditions imposed by the donation.

3. How long does it take for my client to receive a grant from The Queen’s Fund?

It depends when we receive your application (relative to the management committee meeting) and whether you request payment by EFT or cheque. EFT payments are made and cheques are posted 1-2 days after the management committee meeting. Please refer to the list of management meeting dates on our website so you can time your application to receive payment as soon as possible for your client. See FAQ 4 for details on our fast track application process.

4. My client is about to get evicted, urgently needs funds to secure accommodation or is about to have her power cut off. Is there any way you could provide a grant for my client earlier than usual?

In April 2015 we initiated a fast track response for applications where the client is at risk of imminent eviction or disconnection of utilities or urgently needs funds to secure accommodation. If this is the case for your client, please submit an online application in the normal manner through our website but also send an email to requesting that the application be fast tracked.

5. Can The Queen’s Fund pay the grant directly to my client?

The Queen’s Fund does not pay the grant directly to the client but will pay a third party payee such as utility providers, storage companies, automotive repair companies, schools, doctors or landlords. It is important you provide the payee details and the amount requested in your application.

6. Sometimes the Queen’s Fund makes the cheques payable to my agency. Why is this?

As mentioned above, we do not pay grants directly to the client. If payee details are not provided by social workers, there is a long gap between application date and grant date, or it is obvious that the need stated in the application may have passed, we will make the cheque out to your agency. If this is administratively difficult for you, please provide third party payee or EFT details in your application.

7. How many times can my organisation apply to The Queen’s Fund?

There is no upper limit on the number of clients you can refer, as long as they are deemed eligible. Clients must have lived in Victoria for 12 months and must be single. However, assistance can only be provided to each client once in any year.

8. Will I receive a confirmation letter when I send my application form?

If you complete your application online you will be sent a confirmation with an identifying number. A confirmation response is not available if the application is sent through the post.

9. I am a single woman in dire financial circumstances. Can I apply to The Queen’s Fund directly?

No. You must apply to The Queen’s Fund through a social welfare organisation. We rely on the social workers to assess your greatest need at the time of application and work with you to ensure that after you receive assistance from The Queen’s Fund you are able to get things back on track and work towards becoming self reliant.

10. My client is a single woman with children. Can I request assistance from The Queen’s Fund for her children?

Absolutely. We are happy to assist women in need with the cost of education for their children and other costs including uniforms, medical equipment, glasses, school camps, after school activities etc.

11. My client’s need has changed since the date of the application. What do I do?

If the cheque is made out in the name of the referring organisation, we trust your professional judgment to reallocate the funding to a greater need for that client. However, you must:
    ●  notify of the change so we can accurately report back to our supporters; and
    ●  complete an acquittal report for the cheque.
Please respect our funding guidelines in reallocating funding. We do not pay fines, credit card debts or make cheques out to cash or in the name of the client.

If the cheque is in the name of a third party payee, unfortunately you will need to submit a new application for funding and return the cheque to Secretary, The Queen’s Fund, GPO Box 2412, Melbourne VIC 3001. Please also notify so the application is cancelled in our system and your client is eligible to reapply to The Queen’s Fund.

12. I have a question about my application or The Queen’s Fund more generally. Is there someone I can call?

The Queen’s Fund’s management committee is comprised of 17 women who give their time to The Queen’s Fund on an unpaid, volunteer basis. We do not have an office or a telephone line. We meet once a month in a room in the Melbourne Town Hall generously donated by The Lord Mayor of Melbourne. If you have a query, please use the form on the “Contact Us” section of our website or send an email to . We will respond to your query as soon as we are able.

Any other questions,
please contact .


Since February 2013, The Queen’s Fund has helped 48 women from St Kilda Gatehouse pay essential bills, gain independence and pursue educational and training opportunities.

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"This amount will enable her to pay the remainder of her school fees for this year and to purchase some much needed clothing, shoes and essentials for her children."

- October 2016,
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